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Winter's Blood

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“Winter’s Blood will chill you to the bone”, says (T. P.)

Ashley’s first year of college seems to be going great, but all good things come to a horrifying end. Rosa, a cancer patient, reveals a chilling premonition. Ashely believes Rosa suffers from the side effects of a recent round of chemo and dismisses her warning as delirium. But when Ashley finds herself in the clutches of a pair of psychopaths, Rosa’s story takes on a new terrifying reality. Ashley must accept an unwanted gift to live—but dying might be easier.

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Along my self-publishing journeys, I've accumulated many time saving tips to help other aspiring authors. Plus, I'll be adding more and more as my journey continues. If something helps me, I'll be passing it along to you. Here are a few things that paved my way.

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My Keeper is a steamy romantic YA fantasy that captures the enchanting world of mythical creatures and the power of true love

Discover the secret world of Dhampir and Angels in the first installment of the epic My Keeper series. “A captivating story to the very last word! My Keeper is fresh, intense, and alluring. I could not stop reading.” (Amy M.) 5 star rated.

Until the day seventeen-year-old Carly Travers cut her finger, she never suspected she was an Angel with a ravenous lust for blood. She didn’t imagine she was created by the Archangel Michael to lead a race of Dhampir she thought only existed in horror flicks. And she couldn’t have guessed, Collin Greer, her high school crush was 250-years-old and assigned to protect her. Now that she knows, Carly is thrust into peril; hunted by Edge, the leader and most-vile Dhampir of the Malgin Clan. Edge wants her mind, body, and most of all, the power she possesses. With the help of Collin, Carly must learn how to fight and survive in a world she once believed was mythical. But as her forbidden love for Collin grows, so does the danger. One mistake will put her in Edge’s grasp. Carly must find the courage to embrace her angelic-given abilities and conquer her fears. If she can’t, she will be lost to Collin and the Dhampir race—forever. 

The first book of the trilogy, My Keeper will keep you engaged until the very end. To purchase My Keeper (click)>> Author Books

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