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Winter's Blood
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“Winter’s Blood will chill you to the bone” -- Thomas P.

Ashley’s first year of college seems to be going great, but all good things come to a horrifying end. Rosa, a cancer patient, reveals a chilling premonition. Ashely believes Rosa suffers from the side effects of a recent round of chemo and dismisses her warning as delirium. But when Ashley finds herself in the clutches of a pair of psychopaths, Rosa’s story takes on a new terrifying reality. Ashley must accept an unwanted gift to live—but dying might be easier.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing story! By Teresa Kander on April 11, 2016    A short easy to read suspense/horror story. It had my heart racing, fearful of Ashley's fate in the woods. With only 27 pages, it takes no time at all to read, but it will stick with you for MUCH longer than that.

5.0 out of 5 stars  By Cathie D. Williamson on February 26, 2016        OMG Brenda's books just keep getting better and better can't wait for the next one. Her books get better with every book.

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Through The Door

After watching her parents’ marriage crumble into oblivion, seventeen-year-old Macy Maitland never wants to fall in love. She wants her parents’ attention, even if she has to do something criminal to get it. Stealing an expensive bracelet form the most prestigious family in Brookings on the night of their annual gala will only get her labeled a thief and possibly a mug shot in the local Crime Daily. Anticipating ridicule from her friends, Macy leaves the party and the bracelet behind. On her walk home, she stops to investigate a commotion on Judge Adam’s property. Trespassing isn’t the crime of the century either, but she inadvertently becomes a witness to a serious crime. Later that night, she is pulled out of bed by a police officer with a pair of handcuffs. How the bracelet got back into Macy’s possession is a mystery. But it’s the catalyst for a sequence of devastating events that land her in a prison ripe with anarchy, corruption, and a ruthless gang. Finding Ryder, an inmate with secrets of his own, might be her only hope for survival. If Macy wants her freedom, she’ll have to prove her innocence and bring down a judge who wants nothing more than to see her disappear—permanently.

That’s not exactly the attention she was hoping for.

THROUGH THE DOOR, a YA thriller, is loaded with twists and turns. It will leave your heart racing until the suspenseful end. Check it out.

Reader reviews

"I couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to jump through the door and kick some butt myself."  -- CRYSTAL

"Just the kind of read I was looking for. I love the main character, Macy."  -- M. IRVING.

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My Keeper

Seventeen-year-old misfit, Carly Travers typical day at Valley High School, consists of: ducking from vicious rumors, letting her best friend Bree fight her battles, and pining over Collin Greer--her crush of three years. When she discovers she is an angel with a ravenous lust for blood, her mundane life is catapulted into a world of danger she never knew existed. Created by the Archangel Michael to unearth evil dwelling within the Dhampir race, Carly reluctantly accepts her fate. With the help of Collin, her protector and Keeper, she must learn to fight, survive, and love. As her forbidden love for Collin grows ever stronger, so does the threat of danger. When she learns she is being hunted by Edge, the leader and most vile Dhampir of the Malgin Clan, Carly must find the courage to embrace her angelic-given abilities and conquer her fears. Her life depends on it.

My Keeper, Fantasy; romantic and adventurous, My Keeper captures the enchanting world of mythical creatures and the power of true love.


All reviews at Amazon are 5 star rated

"A captivating story, to the very last word! My Keeper is fresh, intense, and alluring. I could not stop reading!" -- Amy M.

"This is an amazing book! My favorite book of all time! I can't wait for #2 and #3!!!  -- Crystal H.

"It's hard to get me to read a book, I loved reading this one. I couldn't put it down. Thank you for such a good read. Can't wait to read your next one."  -- Amanda W.

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