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Brenda's Author Newsletter, updates on My Creator
June 05, 2016

Hey folks,

Hope to find you healthy and happy. I'd like to thank you again for subscribing!

My Creator is coming along nicely, but very SLOWLY. Sorry for the delay, but due to illness and previous deadlines on other manuscripts, I've fallen behind on this one. It will be out this year for sure. There is one change to My Keeper Series: It will no longer be a trilogy. I've decided to end it with the second book. But it's going out with a big bang. Prepare for anything. In the end, I hope you will love it, as I do.

Stay tuned for the first installment of Winter's Blood series (possibly named, SPIRAL). I was apprehensive about continuing with a full series of books, but I've gotten some great feedback and feel it's worth doing.

Well, I wish I had more for you this time, but my fingers are on fire, and I must get back to writing before they cool down. It's always great to hear from my readers. Please send me an e-mail or drop me a line of facebook or my website: I reply to every comment or question. what's on your mind?

Check out my latest blog: (copy and paste)

Happy reading!

Brenda :)

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