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Brenda's Author Newsletter~Smashwords site wide sale
July 01, 2016

Hi there!

Happy early independence day!! I'd like to thank you for signing up for my newsletter. For those of you who signed up through Facebook. A huge WELCOME! I hope you didn't experience any delays getting your FREE Ebook.

For those who are interested, Smashwords has a site-wide SALE (Summer/Winter Sale) going on right now. Lots and lots of books at discount prices, including mine. For a limited time you can pick up MY KEEPER and THROUGH THE DOOR for just a buck.(Use coupon code SSW75 AT CHECKOUT) I picked up a few books I've been wanting to read. The promo will be for the month of July only. Here are the links for my books. Through the Door My Keeper

If they aren't highlighted, copy and paste in your browser. My mail-out service is being touchy this morning.

Coming soon: My Creator will be out this year. Starting work (research/outline mainly) on the first book of my newest series and spin-off of Winter's Blood. Possibly named "Spiral" release 2017.

It's always great to hear from my readers. Please send me an e-mail or drop me a line on facebook or my website: I reply to every comment or question. what's on your mind?

Check out my latest blog: (copy and paste)

Happy reading!

Brenda :)

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