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Brenda's Author Newsletter, Issue #002--excerpt of My Creator
April 12, 2016

Excerpt of My Creator

Hey folks,

Hope I've found you happy and healthy. Sorry for the delay, but the days are beginning to blur in my writing efforts. True, funny story: I'm a huge Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead fan. As the finale of TWD ended, I knew FTWD would begin the following Sunday. When Sunday rolled around, I looked forward to it all day. Finally, when I turn the television on to watch's Monday. What the heck?!?! Have you ever done that? Hopefully the last time for me, but I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be watching a lot of pre-recorded shows until I finish these next two books.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you an excerpt of my latest efforts, My Creator, book 2 of My Keeper series. It is a work in progress and only you get the first peek at it. I hope you enjoy.

Dressed and on my way to the kitchen, Ben and D were in the living room killing each other on a video game. The sound of machinegun fire and bomb blasts echoed through the foyer. I don’t think they noticed me, and that’s hard to believe for a Dhampir. Placing the dirty snifter into the dishwasher, I heard another commotion. Someone was screaming, and it was coming from somewhere on the property. I sped to the front door, and Jon was just coming through it.

“My lady you must come with me!”His ashen white face emoted the seriousness of his voice.

“What’s going on, Jon?”

“There’s been a murder,” he claimed.

The video game went silent as Ben and D rushed up to where we stood. Their faces were full of concern.

“Show me,” I told him with urgency.

We ran like a bullet from a gun up a slight rise that flattened out as we reached a crop of tall oak and pine trees. It was the beginning of April and a chill hung in the air. As the ground began sloping downward, light streamed like rays through the boughs of the trees above. A glossy dew clung to every branch, leaf, and rock, and the moistened earth seeped through my bunny slippers, dampening my feet. Beyond the trees, I saw the source of the agonizing screams. Several Dhampir guards were trying to console the cries of the woman. She knelt next to a body clutching her head. Her screams were chilling, rippling my skin. I feared the dead man was her mate. The scent of old blood overwhelmed my sensitive nose. The last time I’d smelt the foul stench was at the Greens’ house. The three guards acknowledged me with a nod of their heads and that’s when I noticed the dead man had also been a Dhampir guard. Their black, ninja-like clothing was a standard, specifically designed for night watch. It was a gruesome sight. The guard’s head had been severed from his body and lay a few feet away. When I was human this would have sent me running and screaming. Ripping out Edge’s heart on the night of my transformation had numbed me to such sights. But this affected me more than I’d expected. I wanted to cry along with the woman, and my eyes welled with tears. I hadn’t cried since the change, but seeing the woman weeping for her mate broke my heart. I reacted the same way when Edge had pierced Collin’s heart, nearly killing him. Collin came back to me; this Dhampir wouldn’t. (This is an unedited draft)

I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think in the facebook comment section on my home page @(, or send me an email. My Creator, will be releasing this summer. Keep an eye out. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I couldn’t do any of this without you!

Happy Reading!  Brenda

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